Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a Hide-A-Board?
Our Ironing Centers are designed for easy installation requiring minimal skill and tools. Basically, cut a hole in the wall between studs, slide the unit in place and secure with the supplied screws.

What is the rough opening?
All Hide-A-Board Cabinets require a 14 1/4″ wide x 48″ tall opening. Our cabinets are designed to fit between standard 16″ on-center stud openings. Rough opening depth is 3 7/8″.

How far does the unit project from the wall?
Our cabinets project 2″ from the wall surface plus the 3/4″ door thickness. You will need 43″ of clearance from the wall to open the board before the unit can swivel to the left or right.

Can I install a Hide-A-Board at any height?
Yes. The base of the rough opening will determine the surface height of the ironing board. Subtracting 7 1/2″ from the desired ironing board height will determine the base of the rough opening. For example: If you would like an ironing board height of 38″, the base of your rough opening will be 30 1/2″.

Do I need to specify for a right-hand or left-hand door?
Our doors are packaged unattached and are designed to be mounted for right- or left-hand swing. We include three self-closing hinges and have pre-drilled the cabinet for easy installation. Click here to learn more about our easy installation process.

Are Hide-A-Board Ironing Centers available pre-finished?
All wood doors and wood cabinet face frames are unfinished and ready for stain or paint. The cabinet interior has a white, pre-finished interior.

Can I order a special door design?
Our raised panel doors are available unfinished in Maple. If you prefer, you may order the cabinet without a door and have one made to meet your requirements. The door panel is 14″x48″.

Do I need to purchase the Hide-A-Board #21 Electrical Timer Package?
Our #21 Electrical Timer Package is designed for convenience and safety, but it is not necessary if you have a wall outlet close by.

Why does the Hide-A-Board not have a light option?
Because of changing electrical code issues involving exposed light bulbs, we discontinued the Timer Unit with Light Kit. We are working on other lighting options.

I need a replacement cover for my 43″ Hide-A-Board?
Our Hide-A-Board cabinets were redesigned in 1995 to incorporate a more functional, 41″ board. Our 41″ replacement cover would fit, but 2″ of the ironing board would need to be trimmed off of the nose. To see an illustration of this alteration, please click here.